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Zaka joined our PCBA Team at the end of September this year. This is the first time Zaka to be involved in this important breeding conservation for endangered species. Despite that, he has shown a continuous effort and dedication to fit in with the team dynamic and hard work. Zaka is another fine addition to PCBA.
- Oct 7, 2021 11:04 am     Hits:28 0
Febry joined PCBA Tean from Taman Safari Bogor. Febry will represent and assist PCBA in our future in-situ conservation projects. Graduated from IPB University in 2019, Febry has been involved in numerous surveys and observations of biodiversity and wildlife. His major interest in songbirds drives him to join our team as a scientific assistant. Febry is a valuable addition to our conservation effort in Indonesia!
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Kiki joined PCBA in February after demonstrating his quick learning skill during a two weeks trial period prior to employment. Like many other new keepers, it is also Kiki's first time work with animals. However, that does not make him a mediocre. He continues to demonstrate constant dedication in caring for endangered spesies in PCBA. Among other animals that he cares for in PCBA, he enjoys looking after songbirds. Having Kiki in our team is a bliss!
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Agus joined our team in December 2020. So far he is the youngest team member of PCBA. Even though this is his first experience as an animal keeper, Agus has surpassed the expectation of an entry-level keeper. He fits perfectly with the other team members and they also enjoy his presence and contribution in the work.