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With businesses opening almost like normal, the economy is gradually improving for many people. International travel restrictions are also lifted driving the economy to recover one step at a time. For PCBA, the beginning of the year promises a new exciting start for the months to come.
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At the end of 2021, our biologist and researcher, Febry and Keni, went to Wangi-wangi Island to conduct an initial survey. This article talks about their observation on the island and their findings.
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Throughout 2021, PCBA has experienced changes, yet remain resolute in serving ex-situ conservation in Indonesia. Read more in the winter update to learn PCBA's journey.
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With our host forced to close its business for two months during the extensive outbreak of the COVID-19 in Indonesia, its economic situation is not looking very well. Find out how PCBA continues to breed the endangered species in Indonesia with such challenges!