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To enlarge the team and in response to the development and growth of the PCBA the KASI Foundation is seeking an Assistant Curator / Head Keeper at PCBA.
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In this second quartal, Indonesia is experiencing a surge in Covid-19 new cases. The new Delta variant is currently looming and it impacts the country adversely. PCBA shares how this new surge may impact its work in conservation.
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With the recent increase of threats to the peat swamp forests in Indonesia, the blackwater habitat that is home to numerous native Parosphromenus and Betta fish are also threatened. The fish have become scarce and declining in the wild. PCBA has been working to conserve these fish species in its newly build fish room. This text outlines its effort in doing so.
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Indonesia slowly finds its way back to the new normal during the pandemic that seemed to be improving. Read PCBAs journey throughout this phase and how it continues to maintain its commitment in endangered species conservation.