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Assistant Curator / Head Keeper (full time) - Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark - Taman Safari 2 Prigen, Java, Indonesia

To enlarge the team and in response to the development and growth of the PCBA the KASI Foundation is seeking an Assistant Curator / Head Keeper at PCBA:

The ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day animal husbandry of one of the most exciting animal collections worldwide; presently some 50 taxa, all highly threatened and some extinct in the wild and with a strong focus on birds but expanding into other animal groups including species like Wangi-Wangi White-eyes, Javan Warty Pigs, Red-and-blue Lorys and Licorice Gouramis. In addition, he or she will be working closely with the curator in developing new conservation projects and husbandry techniques. As a tight knit team, with national and international partners and advisors. All PCBA staff work hands-on in animal care on a daily basis.
The assistant curator/head keeper helps analyze and assess ongoing husbandry methods used, makes recommendations, and implements all aspects of animal husbandry, training and leading the keeping staff in the process. This includes supervising day-to-day diet planning, diet preparation, observation, handling, transfers, training, enrichment, breeding set up, monitoring, and record keeping.
The ideal candidate will work closely with the curator of PCBA. He or she will participate in the long-term planning for the PCBA developing further conservation breeding programs, optimizing animal husbandry, plan and construct animal facilities and staff capacity building at PCBA. 

Main duties and responsibilities of Assistant Curator / Head Keeper are:
● Provision of highest standards of animal husbandry for a diverse group of threatened birds, fish, reptile, and mammal species.
● Assistance with the establishment and the implementation of protocols, standards and guidelines relating to animal husbandry, conservation breeding.
● Monitor animal health and assist with veterinary care procedures as needed.
● Assistance with facility maintenance, design, construction, and renovation, and perform routine inspection of enclosures for cleanliness and structural defects.
● Identification of safety hazards and development of mitigations.
● Co-supervision of the animal keeping team; providing leadership, motivation, training, and capacity building.
● Keep accurate animal records, including using the ZIMS for Husbandry animal management database.
● Help to ensure the security of the facility by adhering to best practices and security guidelines as they are developed and implemented.
● Representing the PCBA at meetings, workshops, and events as needed (in an international context).

● Strong background in zoology, biology, conservation, animal behavior, zoo keeping or related field, or proven equivalent work experience.
● Proven working experience with a variety of captive wild animals at a zoo, conservation center, or similar working environment.
● Experience and interest in Passeriformes and/or freshwater fish is preferred.
● Strong interest in conservation issues in Southeast Asia and Indonesia in particular.
● Demonstrable experience in staff training and capacity building would be an advantage.
● Good English communication skills, oral and written, knowledge of Indonesian language or interest to learn is a clear benefit.
● Self-disciplined, highly motivated personality able to work independently as well as part of an international team.
● Good improvisational and practical skills, willingness to take initiative.
● Ability to live and work in a rural area. Previous experience of working/living in developing countries and/or in tropical climates is an advantage.
● Computer literacy with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs. ZIMS experience is an advantage.
● Physically fit and able to work outdoors in a hot, humid climate for extended periods.
● Cultural sensitiveness.
● Own international network with other professionals is a clear benefit.

● Free accommodation (private apartment with bathroom) on the grounds of Taman Safari, water, electricity, and internet are fully covered by Taman Safari Prigen.
● National Health Insurance (BPJS) covered by Taman Safari.
● The position is full-time (8 hours) and will include working weekends, public holidays, and on-call availability in case of emergencies.
● 6 working days per week
● 20 days annual leave per calendar year
● The salary provided will be sufficient to allow for a comfortable living in Indonesia
● Prior to the stay abroad, a thorough initial training may take place in Germany at Marlow Birdpark.
● Long-term employment contract is striven after a six-month probation period. 

Starting date: as soon as possible

Please apply via email, including cover letter and CV.
Contact address:
Jochen Menner, [email protected]

Further background
Prigen Conservation Breeding Ark (PCBA) is Indonesia’s and the world’s foremost conservation breeding facility for highly threatened Indonesian animal species.
It was established in 2017 and is managed by Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) and TSI’s conservation foundation KASI in partnership with the Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations (ZGAP) and Vogelpark Marlow at a two hectares site that is surrounded by secondary tropical forest. It is situated at a quiet and secluded corner of Taman Safari Prigen Zoo, and the facility is not open to the public.
At present, it consists of eight complexes with 224 aviaries for 35 taxa of threatened Indonesian birds, a complex for four pairs of Javan Small toothed Palm Civets (Arctogalidia trivirgata trilineata), a large, heavily planted complex for up to five breeding groups of Javan Warty Pigs (Sus verrucosus) and a breeding facility with 75 aquaria for threatened blackwater fish species. A breeding complex for threatened Indonesian Galliformes species and another songbird complex are both in their final stage of construction. Those endangered species are in the caring hands of a highly competent and passionate animal care staff of ten keepers from Indonesia and one leading curator from Germany. To keep pace with the planned expansions of the PCBA, additional keepers and scientific support staff will be recruited in 2021.
In addition to the conservation breeding units, there is an office building, breeding facilities for insects and mice as animal food. Apart from those, organic fruits and leaves are harvested from various tree plantations around the PCBA. One caretaker is employed to care for those plants. To ensure the security of the PCBA against theft, a security tower is built with security personnel onsite 24/7.