The Hill Myna Unit is officially open!
By adyah ningtyas
- Jan 6, 2021 2:15 pm     Hits:201     A+ | a-
The custom-designed unit for the Hill Mynas in PCBA is finally ready to house this one of the charismatic species in Indonesia. This unit is uniquely tailored as such to meet the requirement of this species. In many zoological institutions, Hill Myna species are not always catered in accordance with their natural needs, especially in the availability of broad view and an altitude that is relatively higher than its surrounding. Benefitting from the natural altitude of Prigen and the height of the enclosures, the Hill Mynas inhabiting this unit are expected to feel safe and much likely in the natural habitat. This is important as a part of mitigating stress triggers for the birds.
Stress level also influences the ability and the quality of the individual which could be a challenge in conservation breeding. By minimizing the stress causes, it is much expected that the success rate in conservation breeding of this species can be improved. Considering its conservation status, it is critical to aim for a high rate of successful conservation breeding. To look up more pictures of the enclosures in this unit, feel free to visit our Instagram and Facebook!