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Wangi-wangi White-eye was first discovered in 2003 and has not been scientifically described until today. Limited range of distribution, rampant poaching for cage-bird trade, and habitat loss to tourism development have been the major threats of this taxon.
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This species is no longer common at the sites where it was previously common. Due to trapping for the cage-bird trade and habitat loss in the coastal forest area, this species has been declining in number for the past 15 years.
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The quality of its songs is considered highly desirable which makes this species prone to trapping for the cage-bird trade. High prices are observed in the market for it too, even higher for the contest winner. Even though there many bred in captivity, wild-caught birds are still considered superior. Hence, the risk of trapping for it remains high. Land clearing is believed to also contribute to its decline as it has a high tolerance to urban areas.
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This species experiences high pressure in trapping for cage-bird trade. Its number in the wild has been declining.